Unlock the Possibilities of Cricut Machines

Discover what a Cricut machine can do! Learn about blades, accessories, design software and more. Plus find out how to save 10% with Cricut Access.

Unlock the Possibilities of Cricut Machines

Are you curious about what a Cricut machine can do? These amazing tools are perfect for crafting, making homemade gifts, and creating home decorations. With the right blades, you can cut materials such as paper, vinyl, balsa wood, fabric, leather, and cork. Plus, with Cricut Access, you can access over 100,000 images and fonts from the Cricut library for free. Cricut Design Space is the online design software that allows you to take any text or shape from the library and send it to your Stanzen machine for cutting. The Cricut Maker has a special rotating cutting tool perfect for cutting pieces with fabric patterns, quilt appliqués, and other fabric projects.

You can also use your Cricut machine to make personalized t-shirts, mugs, vinyl decals, and other crafts that you can sell online or at craft fairs. When using Cricut Explore machines for sewing projects, it's important to attach a stabilizing material such as Heat & Bond to the fabrics so that they will cut properly and not be damaged or stretched. The Cricut AutoPress has a 15 inch x 12 inch thermal plate and a new “Zero Effort” technology that allows you to easily close the device and release it automatically when the pressing cycle is complete. The Cricut mug press is a new device that allows you to make detach-proof mugs with infusible ink transfer sheets, pens, and even sublimation prints. You don't need a subscription to the Cricut Access library to use Cricut; however, if you have Cricut Access, you can save 10% even on new machines.

If you're just starting out with Cricut, the best value for money would be to buy a package of Cricut machines. Cricut machines are an incredible tool for crafting enthusiasts of all levels. With the right blades and accessories, you can create beautiful projects with ease. Plus, with Cricut Access, you can access thousands of images and fonts from the library for free. And if you're just starting out with Cricut machines, buying a package is the best way to get started.

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